Image of Choir members sitting and reading music


Singing in Jesus College Choir has been a highlight of my time at university. The opportunity to sing such a varied range of repertoire to a consistently high standard is very special, and as a Natural Sciences student something refreshing I can always look forward to after a day in labs and lectures.

Not only does the choir provide access to a high level of music, but it also has a strong social aspect whereby a group of students come together and sing three or five times a week. This gives a great sense of community to the choir. Being a choral volunteer this has really enabled me to feel at home at Jesus and my own college Robinson, and I have made great friends in choir.

To go on tour once or twice a year really makes it all the more special, and allows us to both raise the profile of Jesus College Choir and perform in amazing venues, such as Beijing, Toulon or Venice.

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