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My time in Cambridge has been full of exciting moments, good memories, and amazing people. When I first embarked on postgraduate studies, I never imagined I would be becoming part of the Chapel community at Jesus College. However, after my first attendance to an evensong I decided I wanted to take an active role in what for me was a complete new experience; even when I had always been an active member of my church back at home, Jesus College Chapel was an enthralling environment in which other people like me, from diverse backgrounds, were able to converge.

Since I first joined this community as Chapel secretary, and later as Chapel clerk, everyone made me feel very welcome. Things as simple as lighting the candles before each service, tolling the bells to call members of College to prayer, or delivering service sheets to attendants, all felt important since I knew I was part of something bigger, something that in Jesus College has been running for centuries. Finally, the positive reaction from those in attendance at each service kept me motivated to continue performing my role in the best way possible, and always with a smile on my face; this is how much I enjoyed my time in Chapel.