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Photo: Andrew Wilkinson

Choral scholars

A Choral Scholarship at Jesus College offers unrivalled musical opportunities, as well as the chance to be part of a close-knit community. Scholars develop musically through free singing lessons every term, numerous concerts with professional soloists and orchestras, annual recordings, and concert tours around the world.

The Choirs at Jesus College pride themselves on creating a friendly and supportive atmosphere in which musicians can perform at their best, and this is helped by regular social events during both term-time and vacations. Other perks include subsidised accommodation outside of Full Term, several College feasts each year, and a contribution towards the cost of dinner in Hall for every service sung.

Choral Scholarships at all Cambridge Colleges are awarded after candidates have received an academic offer to study at the University. Details about the process and timetable for applying for a Choral Award can be found on the University website. Those intending to apply for a Choral Award are strongly encouraged to attend the Vocal Assessment Day held at the end of September. 

Academic interviews usually take place in December. Those who receive an academic offer are eligible for a Choral Award, and auditions take place in March. Those who are pooled to another college may apply for a Choral Award at their newly-allocated college or may request to be considered for a place as a Choral Volunteer at the college to which they initially applied (there are normally between three and six Choral Volunteers at Jesus College). Like all other offer-holders, Choral Award holders are expected to meet their academic offers at A level or equivalent.

The audition is not meant to be intimidating; applicants will be expected to sing a piece of their choice lasting approximately four minutes, followed by some ear tests, simple range exercises and sight-reading. Occasionally, vacancies occur for singers who are not members of the College. Auditions for such places, and informal advice session with the Director of Music, are arranged through the Choir Administrator.

Further information about applications for Choral Awards can be found in the Choral and Organ Awards Prospectus.

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