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Clergy family grants

Jesus College Chapel makes annual grants to assist children of clergy ordained according to the rites of the Church of England while they are at school.

How to apply

The funding round for 2023 is now closed.  Applications for the 2024 round will open in the autumn, at which point your application can be made through the online application form. For any queries or further clarification, please contact the Chapel Office.

In very exceptional circumstances, such as the death of a spouse, funds are granted outside of the normal process. In this case, the supervising Archdeacon or Bishop should contact the Dean of Chapel directly.


The Rustat Trust makes grants to support the education of children of clergy ordained according to the rites of the Church of England. There are no restrictions on the clergy who may apply including: stipendiary or self-supporting clergy, clergy in parish or non-parochial roles, families of divorced clergy and the families of deceased clergy. 

Children must be under the age of 19 on the 1st July in the year of the application.

Grants may be given for any educational purpose, such as music or sports lessons, equipment, uniform and including the provision of school meals and transport costs where these are not met fully by the Local Education Authority.

Applications from parents of children with disabilities or learning difficulties, single parents, clergy ministering in areas of deprivation or in other circumstances requiring financial assistance are particularly welcome. 

In making grants, the College has regard to:

  • the amount of any surplus in the fund
  • the merits of each application, in the light of all relevant circumstances.

In making grants, the primary intentions are:

  • to assist the children of parents in particular need
  • to offer financial assistance in cases of urgent and unforeseen need (e.g. when the child's education is imperilled by the death, illness, unemployment or bankruptcy of one of the parents)
  • to offer financial assistance where for some special reason, such as physical or mental handicap, a child would clearly benefit from an education which is not provided free.

Please note that no grants towards school fees will be offered.

Grant applications must be approved by the Archdeacon, Bishop or other senior Diocesan Officer.

Legacy of slavery

Tobias Rustat (1608-1694) was a major benefactor to Jesus College, including founding the Rustat Trust to support the children of clergy in need. During his career, he had financial and other involvement in the Royal African Company (RAC), a slave trading company.

Jesus College acknowledges that profiting from enslavement, trafficking and exploitation is unambiguously wrong. Following the recommendations of our Legacy of Slavery Working Party (LSWP), the College has decided to critically address Tobias Rustat's role in our history in various ways. 

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