Image of Mark and Janet Hayes

Mark Hayes and Janet Livesley

We first met in 1980 when Mark returned to Jesus to study for the postgraduate diploma in Architecture and Janet joined the college on the same course. Graduate dinners in Upper Hall were a highlight of the week and an opportunity to meet socially with other Jesuans. Part of our studies included trips to Zambia and an earthquake-hit area in Southern Italy. We were married in the College Chapel just after completing our studies in the summer of 1982 and remained in Cambridge for a period following Mark’s election to the City Council. Janet pursued careers in architecture and working with special needs children in schools and Mark ended up running a Housing Association. We formed strong friendships during our time at Cambridge and have kept in touch with many Jesuans through the Jesus College Cambridge Society, for which Mark acts as Honorary Dinner Secretary. We were both active members of Cambridge churches, and Mark is now a non-stipendiary Minister in the United Reformed Church at Thaxted. Jesus College continues to play a significant role in our lives, and it is always a pleasure to return for alumni events.

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