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Hi! I’m Issy and I’m from a town in Lincolnshire. I’m about to go into my third year studying Linguistics, where I’ll be focussing on Phonetics (the study of the sounds of language) and Historical Linguistics (how language changes over time and how to reconstruct ancient languages).   

Over my first two years, I’ve had a great time getting involved with various things here at Jesus, such as the LGBTQ+ Society, being the Undergraduate College Council Representative, and being an Outreach Ambassador where I’ve helped on open days, residentials, tours and Q&A sessions. I also do jazz and commercial dance with the University Dance Society, attend talks at the Cambridge Union and I am the Undergraduate Linguistics Representative.   

I’ve been busy working on a summer school in Cambridge this holiday but I’m really excited to start the Telephone Campaign and meet some interesting alumni!  

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