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I’m from Huddersfield and about to start my fourth year in Veterinary Medicine. My first three years as a preclinical student have been very interesting, especially our intercalation year, in which I studied Zoology. After graduating this summer I’m looking forward to what the next half of my journey at Cambridge will offer.  

I’ve really enjoyed my time at Jesus so far! When I’m not at the vet school you might be able to find me on the football pitch with the University Women’s Blues team which I have been involved in since my first year. I was also a member of the Jesus Women’s football team that had an exceptional season last year winning both Cuppers and the League! I have also participated in College Netball and Badminton which has proven to be such an amazing opportunity to meet new people and have some down time with friends. I also rowed with the Jesus College Women’s Sports Society last summer in May Bumps. 

As part of the Telephone Campaign I’m really looking forward to speaking with alumni about their experiences, not just in sport but their College life as a whole. It will be interesting to find out where alumni are now and about their life post-Cambridge. Ultimately, this is a great opportunity to raise more funds to help students in seizing all the opportunities that the College, and more general University life, has to offer! 

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