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Our tradition of academic excellence is underpinned by the generous support of members and friends, and we like to show our gratitude.

Each year the names of our donors are published in The Jesuan magazine (requests for anonymity are respected), capital gifts offer naming opportunities, and those who have included the College in their Will are invited to join the 1496 Society.

We mark acts of outstanding generosity with admission to the Society of St Radegund or election to a St Radegund Fellowship.

Our donor promise

Jesus College was established in 1496 by the Bishop of Ely, John Alcock. Since then we have grown largely thanks to philanthropic support from our Masters, Fellows, alumni and friends. Their gifts, which are celebrated by the College at the Commemoration of Benefactors each year, have enabled us to thrive over the centuries.

This support is vital, and we're committed to treating all of our donors with the utmost consideration and respect.

If, in the opinion of College Council, a proposed donation may conflict with the College’s value or aims, we'll discuss this with the donor and such a gift may not be accepted. We'll only ask for gifts that are compatible with the purpose of the College as defined in its statutes, and which fall within the College's mission and strategic plan.

When a gift is received by the College, regardless of size, we will:

  1. Acknowledge every gift swiftly, and provide appropriate recognition and publicity. If a donor wishes to give anonymously, this will be respected.
  2. Apply the donation to the purpose specified by the donor (subject to it being accepted for that purpose by College Council). All donations are examined by both the College’s Finance Office and its auditors on an annual basis. Unrestricted funds will be used by the College for its current priorities, as determined by College Council.
  3. Keep donors informed about the impact of their gift and the progress of the College’s fundraising more generally.

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