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Lene Northwood

As a person who grew up on the opposite side of the planet to a family that had no history of attending university, the idea of me attending Cambridge was, quite frankly, laughable. Then I fell in love with Criminology and wrote a thesis that caught the attention of the College. It is just one example of the incredibly outward looking approach that, in the decades that I have known the College, has defined Jesus College. One letter with a now familiar letterhead, quite literally raised my expectations of life from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Now, almost twenty-five years after that letter, I know that no other institution has shaped my life and provided as many incredible opportunities as Jesus College has. Many people ask me if, coming from such a different part of the world, I ever felt out of place. My response is that Jesus College is one of the few places on earth that I have ever felt completely at home.

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