Leave a legacy

Once you have provided for your loved ones, leaving a charitable legacy in your Will gives you a meaningful opportunity: the chance to have a tangible impact on the causes that matter to you, long into the future.

Leaving a legacy at Jesus is your chance to be part of the College’s future. Your legacy will empower the minds of countless Jesuans – gifting them the encouragement they need to make the most of their time here.

To discuss leaving your legacy at Jesus, or if you are the executor of a Will containing a charitable gift to Jesus College, please email Maisy Smyth, Development Officer (Legacies and Stewardship).

What types of legacy can I leave?

Suggested wording

I give to Jesus College in the University of Cambridge CB5 8BL (registered charity number 1137462) (“the College”)

  • the residue of my estate

  • _____________________ percent of the residue of my estate

  • the sum of (amount in words) £________________________

for the general purposes of the College and I declare that the receipt of the Bursar or other authorised officer for the time being of the College shall be a good and sufficient discharge to my Executors.

Your legacy at Jesus College can take one of several forms. There are three main types of legacy: residuary, pecuniary and specific.

Residuary legacy – leaving all or part of the net value of your Estate

After debts, taxes, expenses and all other bequests have been paid, you can leave the remainder of your Estate to a named individual or charity. A residuary gift is simple and flexible as you do not have to quantify the sum, nor worry about inflation. Leaving a residuary legacy to Jesus is a tremendous expression of support.

Pecuniary legacy – leaving a specified sum

Many people allocate a particular amount of money to a named individual or charity. It is incredibly touching when the College has been remembered with a pecuniary gift. This type of gift has less flexibility than a residuary legacy: if your circumstances change, you may have to frequently revise your Will to alter the size of the bequests you have made. Also, the value of a pecuniary gift will be affected by inflation.

Specific legacy – leaving particular possessions

You can leave an asset such as land, property, shares and valuable possessions to a named individual or charity. As with a pecuniary legacy, the value of an asset can vary over time. Please contact us to discuss the asset you plan to leave, to confirm the College is able to accept your gift.

Can I specify how I want my legacy to be used?

Yes. If you wish to direct your legacy to a specific purpose within College, it is best to describe your preferences broadly, and make your gift subject to an expression of wish, rather than a binding obligation. Please contact us  to discuss, in confidence, what you want your legacy to achieve, to ensure that the College is able to administer your gift as you intend.

Legacy gifts left ‘for general purposes’ are particularly valuable, as they afford the College the flexibility required to embrace the opportunities, and confront the challenges, of the future. Unrestricted legacies are usually added to the permanent capital of the College, meaning your gift will impact the lives of generations of Jesuans yet to come.

Does leaving a legacy at Jesus affect my tax position?

As a registered charity (1137462), a legacy gift to Jesus College is deducted from the net value of your Estate before Inheritance Tax is calculated, reducing your overall Inheritance Tax liability. Under current UK legislation, if you leave at least 10% of your net Estate to charity, the rate of Inheritance Tax on the remainder of your taxable Estate is reduced from 40% to 36%. Please talk to a qualified professional, such as a solicitor, to discuss the potential tax implications for your circumstances.

Can I amend my existing Will to leave a legacy gift to Jesus College?

If you have already written your Will, it is straightforward to amend it to include a gift to Jesus College. Please download, print and return this Codicil form, or speak to your solicitor.

Should I let the College know about my legacy?

Your Will is understandably a personal matter, which you may decide to keep private. However, informing the College of your plans is incredibly helpful, leaving us best placed to fulfil your wishes and, crucially, express our gratitude. Please download, print and return this Legacy Pledge form, or email us

"I loved my time at Jesus. I was brilliantly taught, made many lifelong friendships (including meeting my future wife!) and enjoyed the full breadth of College life. I feel the benefit I got from my time as an undergraduate far outstripped the fees I paid to be there. I hope my contribution will help the College to continue improving the experience it offers to Jesuans."

Pranav Sood (2008, Classics)

The 1496 Society

To thank you for your legacy gift, you will be warmly invited to become a member of the 1496 Society. Named after the year when the College was established, the Society exists to recognise and celebrate the many donors who have told us they are supporting the future of Jesus College with a gift in their Will. It would be an honour to welcome you to join this caring community.

Benefits of 1496 Society membership include:

  • A thank you letter from the Master
  • A special membership pin
  • Invitations to the annual 1496 Society Lunch, for those who have pledged to leave a legacy at Jesus
  • Invitations to the Donors’ Garden Party every year
  • Recognition in the Donors’ Report (respecting anonymity if desired).

Legacy giving from the USA

Please contact Cambridge in America for further information on how to leave your legacy at Jesus:
1120 Avenue of the Americas, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10036
Email: plannedgiving@cantab.org

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