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Kenneth Arthur Wilson-Barkworth, Captain East Yorkshire Regiment

Kenneth Arthur Wilson-Barkworth came to Jesus College in October 1902 from Winchester College and successfully attained his BA in 1905, after taking the Law Special Part I and Part II papers.​

Born: Brough, East Yorkshire on 13 February 1885

Fell in action: 25 October 1917

The Jesus College Cambridge Society Annual Report 1919 obituary for Wilson-Barkworth claims that “He was a rowing man and did sterling work though he never reached first boat colours” (p35). The report in Chanticlere for the Lent Races in 1903 backs this up saying that the second boat “rowed pluckily from start to finish” and that “though not brilliant, [they] shewed what keenness on the part of a crew and untiring energy on the part of the coach can do” (Chanticlere, Easter and Michaelmas Term 1903, p459).

Wilson-Barkworth remained a member of the Jesus College Boat Club throughout his time at College, consistently rowing in the second boat until Lent Term 1905. The Boat Club records show that when he started he weighed 10st 10lbs, one of the heavier men in the boat, going up to 11st 3lbs which made him still one of the heavier men but considerably lighter than most in the first boat (The History of the Jesus College Boat Club, pp155-161).

His obituary says that he joined up at the start of the war and was at the front for two and a half years. He was injured in September 1916 and received the Military Cross in the same month. He fell in action in October 1917.

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