Image of Jesus College war memorial

George Godfrey Whitley Leary, Lieutenant, 10th Gloucestershire Regiment

George Godfrey Whitley Leary came up to Jesus in 1910 having previously attended Repton School.

Born: Georgetown, Guyana on 28 May 1892

Fell in action: 25 September 1915

G.G.W. LearyIt appears Leary was only here for a short time which means we have very little information on his time at Jesus College.

The obituary for him in the Jesus College Cambridge Society Annual Report 1916, merely records his basic details i.e. father, birth place and date, school, rank and regiment. There is one further detail, unusual for most Jesuans who matriculated in the 1910s, his marriage to “Edythe Balls of Tynemouth” in April 1915.

Leary fell in action on the first day of the Battle of Loos, 25 September 1915.

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