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Alan Edward Aldous, Trooper 12th Lancers and 2nd Lieutenant Border Regiment

Alan Edward Aldous came to Jesus College in 1911 from Repton School in Derbyshire.

Born: Dartmouth, Devon on 6 April 1892

Fell in action: 3 July 1916

Following in his brother's footsteps

His older brother Arnold Chevallier Aldous (1902) had died at the age of 27 earlier that year. Alan followed in his footsteps not only by coming Jesus College but also as the Senior Classical Scholar. He was also awarded a Rustat Scholarship (£60). He graduated in 1914 with a 1st Class (2nd Division) in the Classical Tripos I. There were three divisions in each class at this point.

"Must use the King's English!"

Despite not being a sporting man there are a couple of references to him in Chanticlere. They are somewhat obscure but maybe point to his religious devotion or perhaps something more scurrilous! In the Michaelmas Term 1913 edition he is gently admonished to not “pull too hard at the crozier, the poor bishop is only made of plaster” (p16).

During Lent Term 1914 he is given two “Lenten penances”, one was to “climb ladders” and the second, generally given to all Classical Scholars was “To use the King’s English” (Chanticlere, Lent Term 1914p20).

"Absolutely fearless"

He enlisted in October 1914 and went to the front in autumn 1915 as a bombing officer. His Major wrote home saying that “he was absolutely fearless, also generous and unselfish to a degree” (Jesus College Society Annual Report 1917, p17).

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