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Sebastian Tyrrall

Sebastian graduated from Jesus College in 2021 with a BA in Classics.

His work at the Intellectual Forum is focussed on the relationship between the general public and the professional archaeology sector. In the context of ongoing discussions in government about planning reform, Sebastian is seeking to answer such questions as: how interested are the public in archaeology? Do they value the work and skills of archaeologists? What is their attitude to archaeology as part of the planning and construction process? Do they see it as important, or as an unnecessary delay?

He is also interested in the archaeologist's perspective: how do public archaeologists engage the public in their work? How can they best communicate with the lay person about archaeological ideas? As part of this research, Sebastian has worked with the YouGov-Cambridge Centre to field a national survey into public attitudes to archaeology.

Next year, Sebastian will undertake an MPhil in Classics at Jesus College, and he hopes ultimately to continue his research at doctoral and postdoctoral level.

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