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Dr Sarah Steele

Dr Sarah Steele is the Deputy Director of the Intellectual Forum. She joined the team in 2017.

Sarah is also the Academic Skills Coordinator for Jesus College; a Senior Research Associate in Cambridge Public Health; and a Tutor, Director of Studies in Law, and Bye-Fellow at St Edmund's College.

Sarah’s work is concerned with interventions that drive better health for all, providing research and actionable recommendations for policy optimization and governance decisions. She is a globally minded and has extensive experience in convening expertise to solve big problems, and to collaborate to find innovative solutions that deliver value to all of society. 

Sarah's research sits at the interface of Law, Criminology, International Relations and Politics, Sociology, and Global Health, and she supervises students across multiple faculties of the University of Cambridge at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Having held posts at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Oxford, amongst other institutions in the UK, USA and Australia, Sarah is an experienced lecturer and researcher specialising in policy and public health analysis, as well as legal, qualitative, and ethnographic research. She presently facilitates on the Bystander Initiative at the University of Cambridge, and is always happy to receive requests for dissertation supervision.

An advisor and spokesperson to government and leadership, Sarah brings together stakeholders and researchers to produce varied outputs from academic pieces to long reports and short advisory opinions, as well as offering “train the trainer” and facilitated session on active intervention training. Across her research and consulting career, Sarah has built multidisciplinary teams that support emergent research needs and facilitate discussions, while acting herself as an expert advisor and speaker who has presented around the world, driving forward social justice in society and a violence-free world.

You can contact the Intellectual Forum via email.