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Roxanne De Beaux

Roxanne is an Intellectual Forum Senior Research Associate.

Roxanne De Beaux is the CEO of Camcycle in Cambridge, the cycling capital of the UK, where over 50% of residents cycle at least once a week. Roxanne has led the transformation of the organisation inside and out, including strategy, finance, fundraising, governance, branding and communications. This has led to significant growth of the charity, its reputation, and its influence. Camcycle is one of the UK's most successful local cycling advocacy groups and is now expanding to support the wider Cambridgeshire region.

Roxanne is passionate about the benefits everyday cycling can bring to people and the places they live. She campaigns for the infrastructure, policies, and investment that enable people of all ages and abilities to cycle. Roxanne’s work influences policy at local, regional, and national levels.

In 2017, Roxanne was recognised as one of Cycling UK’s 100 Women in Cycling. She is a Clore Leadership Fellow and Alumna of the University of Amsterdam’s Urban Cycling Institute.

Roxanne enjoys cycling around Cambridge on her ‘Dutch’ bike with her dog Nina in the front crate. 

What are you working on now?

I am now working with Camcycle trustees and members to develop our next big strategy. So much is changing in the local and national context for active travel, and we must be ready to respond. Camcycle needs to expand both geographically and in the type of outreach work we do so that we can support more communities as they shape sustainable transport solutions. It’s an exciting time to think about what is next, but we must also overcome the challenge of how to do this sustainably and find the resources to support our work.

There is also significant interest in the Cambridge region as a science and technology powerhouse. The Ox-Cam Arc, East West Rail, and government interest in economic and population growth mean that Cambridge has some big challenges to contend with. I am interested in ensuring that local people are involved in shaping sustainable land use and transport strategies for whatever may be coming our way.   

How has your career to date led to this?

I started my career in Australia in management consulting and strategy. When I moved to Cambridge, it was important that my next career step aligned with my values. I’ve been at Camcycle for nine years, so I would say it has been a perfect fit. My previous experience was good preparation for the fast-changing and complex nature of working for a small charity. 

What one thing would you most want someone to learn from what you’ve done or are doing now?

How we plan our cities and towns and our transport systems can greatly impact residents' quality of life for generations and in more ways than most people realise. It is worth the effort to get these things right. 

What do you think of Jesus College and the Intellectual Forum?

It is early days, but I am enjoying meeting the other associates and being inspired by their work. I am already discovering interesting new connections and new ways of thinking about some of the issues I am grappling with. I look forward to seeing what comes of further collaboration. 

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