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Dr Tiffany Harte

Tiffany is an Intellectual Forum Senior Research Associate.

Dr Tiffany Harte is a physicist who studies complex phenomena using the coldest matter in the universe.

Tiffany is a Senior Research Associate in the Many-Body Quantum Dynamics group at the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge. She is currently building a new experiment researching new techniques for the construction of a new generation of detectors for dark matter and gravitational waves using ultracold atoms.

Her other research includes the experimental simulation of the quantum behaviour of materials using cold atoms trapped in patterns of laser light, with the goal of gaining insights into these complex systems and exploring their potential for future technologies.

Tiffany completed her MPhys in physics at the University of St Andrews in 2012, and a DPhil in Atomic and Laser Physics at the University of Oxford in 2017. She is co-chair of the Cavendish Laboratory Research Staff Committee, and organises the Cavendish Research Ethics event series to promote discussions about ethical questions in physical science research. She is interested in science communication and widening participation in science, and enjoys organising interactive and creative workshops that engage both adults and children with modern science research.

You can learn more about Tiffany’s work by listening to this recent interview and following her on Twitter.

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