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China initiatives

Jesus College has a long history of interaction with China, stretching back to the 1940s. We have a substantial number of academics across the whole spectrum of disciplines currently involved in research and other academic initiatives with Chinese institutions.

The China Centre, Jesus College and the UK-China Global Issues Dialogue Centre both aim to deepen mutual understanding between China and the West.

The China Centre, Jesus College achieves this aim by ‘using the past to serve the present’ (gu wei jin yong). Understanding the history of China’s philosophy, politics, economy, society and culture enables a deeper appreciation of China today and its role in global governance. The Centre organises seminars, workshops, and book launches, involving scholars, government officials and business people.

The UK-China Global Issues Dialogue Centre seeks to further this aim by conducting research projects, convening events that promote international dialogue, and publishing findings on global issues where China, by virtue of the size of its population, economy and history, has an important potential role in solutions.

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