Dr Véronique Mottier

Fellow, Associate Professor, Director of Studies in Human, Social, and Political Sciences (Parts IA and IIA)
University Positions
Professor in Sociology, University of Lausanne
Specialising in

Véronique Mottier is a Fellow and Director of Studies in Human, Social, and Political Sciences at Jesus College (since 1999). She is also a Professor in Sociology at the University of Lausanne (since 2006).

Academic interests

Véronique Mottier's research and teaching interests include:

  • Social and political theory
  • Gender, sexuality, and the state
  • Modernity, racial classifications and national identity
  • Eugenics, coerced sterilisation policies and child removal programs in the Western world
  • Interpretative research methods; discourse and narrative analysis.

Degrees obtained

  • Certificat d’Etudes Françaises Modernes, Faculté des Lettres, University of Geneva.
  • BA and MA in Political Science, University of Geneva.
  • BA in Sociology, University of Geneva.
  • PhD in Social and Political Sciences, University of Cambridge.

Awards and prizes

  • Prix Jubilé 2001, Académie Suisse des Sciences Humaines et Sociales.
  • NSF Research Professor, 2002-2006.


I grew up in Tunisia and the Netherlands, and currently divide my time between the UK and Switzerland. Before my current academic posts, I was 'Maître-Assistante' (1997-1999) in Political Theory at the University of Geneva; fixed-term University Lecturer in Sociology at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Cambridge (1999-2002); and NSF Research Professor in Politics and Sociology, Institut d'Etudes Politiques et Internationales, University of Lausanne (2002-2006).

I have taught graduate courses in Discourse Theory and Analysis at many institutions, including the ECPR Summer School, University of Essex (1999-2006); the European University Institute in Florence (2001-2006), the Swiss PhD Summer School in Advanced Methods in Lugano (since 1999), and the Universities of Hamburg, Johannesburg, Makerere, Neuchâtel, Pretoria, and Pune.

I am the Chair of the Legacy of Slavery Inquiry (LSWP) at Jesus College which began in May 2019.

Other interests

Modern dance, ice skating.

Publications, links and resources

Find more information about Véronique Mottier's publications and research on her website and her page on the Academia website.

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