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Dr Vasileios Kotsidis

Teaching Bye-Fellow
Senior Teaching Associate
Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory

Vasileios Kotsidis analyses social interactions using game-theoretic tools.

Academic interests

Vasileios Kotsidis’ academic interests include the following.

  • Game Theory: principles, methodology, and epistemic foundations, behavioural challenges in criteria, beliefs, and updating mechanisms.
  • Individual preferences: logical and evolutionary foundations, representation, stability, consistency, and dynamic properties.
  • Social behaviour: empirical manifestation and conceptual interpretation of pro-sociality, empirical evaluation and conceptual integration of alternative accounts.
  • Social norms: nature, origins, functions, and dynamics, empirical evaluation of alternative accounts.
  • Experimental economics: principles, methodological issues, and epistemological insights.

Degrees obtained

  • Ptychion (Degree) in Economics, University of Macedonia, 2011.
  • MSC in Economics, University of Nottingham, 2012.
  • PhD in Economics, University of Nottingham, 2018.

Awards and prizes

  • UoN Economics Award: Graduate Teaching Fellowship, 2016-2017.
  • ESRC award: Full scholarship - DTC Nottingham, 2014-2016.
  • UoN Economics award: Best Participant in PhD Conference, 2016.
  • UoN Economics award: Certificate of Excellence in Teaching, 2014-2016.


Vasileios Kotsidis uses tools from traditional and evolutionary game theory to analyse social interactions that (potentially) involve strategic motives. His research focuses on the scope and limitations of models based on methodological individualism in interpreting individual behaviour (human or otherwise) as it is manifested in social settings.

He is teaching Economics of Uncertainty and Information and tutoring on a variety of other courses in Cambridge.

Other interests

Karate, philosophy of mathematics, and fantasy literature.

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