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Dr Sietske Fransen

Postdoctoral Associate
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Early modern history
history of science and medicine
history of art

Sietske Fransen is a Research Associate in the Making Visible Project, and especially interested in translation in early modern science.

Academic interests

My academic interests include:

  • Early modern history of science and medicine
  • History of the book
  • History of reading and writing
  • Material culture
  • Translation
  • Language
  • Word-image connections
  • Visualisations of knowledge
  • Low Countries studies.

I'm interested in translation in early modern science and medicine. In my PhD thesis I focused on the Flemish physician Jan Baptista van Helmont (1579-1644) as a case study to better understand the use of Latin and vernacular languages by early modern practitioners of science in the Low Countries and Europe more broadly.

Currently I'm especially interested in the use of images as translational steps between theory and practice. How were images used in the early modern education of medical students? And is there a different usage of images between university taught disciplines such as medicine and the more practical 'sciences', such as alchemy?

In connection to the previous questions I'm looking at how printed books and manuscripts were used side by side, and where and how visualisations of knowledge were put to practice.

Degrees obtained

  • BA in Medieval Studies, Utrecht University.
  • MA in Cultural and Intellectual History 1300-1650, Warburg Institute, London.
  • PhD in Intellectual History/History of Science, Warburg Institute, London. 

Other interests

(Choral) singing, cooking, books, and travelling.

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