Dr Sebastian Marino

Specialising in
Exoplanetary Science

Sebastian Marino's research focuses on planet formation and the architecture and dynamics of planetary systems. He is particularly interested in how exocomets form and interact with exoplanets. His research makes use of ALMA observations and their comparison with radiative transfer models and numerical simulations.

Academic interests

Sebastian Marino’s academic interests include: 

  • Exocomets
  • Volatile delivery to Earth-like planets
  • Planet formation.

Degrees obtained

  • BA, Universidad de Chile.
  • MS, Universidad de Chile.
  • PhD, University of Cambridge.

Awards and prizes

  • Shortlisted for Elsevier early career award, top young researcher in physical sciences in the UK, 2018.
  • NASA Hubble/Sagan fellowship, declined to take position at MPIA, Heidelberg, 2017.
  • Murdin Prize, best student publication of the year at Institute of Astronomy, 2016.


Sebastian Marino is a Chilean astronomer doing research on exoplanetary science. He has written a number of publications on planet formation and exocomets using data from ALMA, the largest and most sensitive submillimeter interferometer located at 5,000 m in the Atacama desert.

Before starting his research fellowship at Jesus College, he did his PhD in Cambridge and then moved for two years to Heidelberg, Germany, to work at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy developing population synthesis models to track the evolution of the gas exocomets release around other stars.

Other interests

Data science, AI, traveling, dancing, sports, films.

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Publications, links and resources

A list of Dr Marino's publications can be found on ORCID.

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