Dr Rebecca Flemming

University Positions
University Senior Lecturer in Classics (Ancient History)
Specialising in
Ancient history
history and philosophy of science

Rebecca Flemming is a University Senior Lecturer in Classics (Ancient History). She has been a fellow of Jesus College since 2006.

Academic interests

Rebecca Flemming's academic interests include:

  • Social and cultural history of the Roman Empire
  • Ancient medicine
  • Women and gender: ancient and modern
  • Roman religion
  • Historiography, comparative history, and historical theory.

Degrees obtained

  • BA, University of Cambridge.
  • MA and PhD, London.

Awards and prizes

  • Philip Leverhulme Prize for outstanding research, 2004.

Other interests

The natural world, beer, books, and some sport.

Publications, links and resources

See details of the Wellcome Strategic Award, Generation to Reproduction.

Recent publications

  • Flemming, R. (2013) The invention of infertility in the classical Greek world: medicine, divinity, and gender. Bulletin for the History of Medicine 87, pp 565-590.
  • Flemming, R. (2013) Baths and bathing in Greek medicine. In: S. Lucore and M. Trümper, eds, Greek Baths and Bathing Culture: New Discoveries and Approaches, Leuven: BABESCH Supplement 23, pp 23-32.
  • Flemming, R. (2013) Gendering medical provision in the cities of the Roman West. In: E. Hemelrijk and G. Woolf, eds, Women and the Roman City in the Latin West, Leiden: Mnemosyne Supplement, pp 271-93.
  • Flemming, R. (2012) Identity Registration in the Classical Mediterranean World. In: K. Breckenridge and S. Szreter, eds, Registration and Recognition: Documenting the Person in World History. Oxford: British Academy Proceedings 182, pp 169-190.
  • Flemming, R. (2012) Antiochus and Asclepiades: medical and philosophical sectarianism at the end of the Hellenistic era. In: D. Sedley ed, The Philosophy of Antiochus, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp 55-79.
  • Flemming, R. (2010) Pliny and the pathologies of empire, Papers of the Langford Latin Seminar 14, 1-24.
  • Flemming, R. (2010) Roman Sexuality.In: A. Barchiesi and W. Scheidel, eds, The Oxford Handbook of Roman Studies, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp 796-813.

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