Professor Matt Elliott

University Positions
Professor of Economics
Specialising in
Economic Theory
Economic Networks

Matt Elliott has researched a wide range of issues in economics spanning development, international negotiations, financial markets, industrial organisation and labour markets.

His background is an economic theorist, but his work includes laboratory experiments and field experiments. A common theme running through much of the work is the incorporation of networks into economic models, particularly models of markets. 

Academic interests

Matt Elliott's research interests include:

  • Economic theory
  • Networks
  • Networked markets
  • Game Theory
  • Bargaining
  • Search
  • Development
  • Experimental Economics
  • Finance.

Degrees obtained

  • BA.
  • MPhil, Oxon.
  • PhD, Stanford University.

Awards and prizes

  • Wiley Prize in Economics - awarded by the British Academy (2017)
  • European Research Council Starting Grant (2017)
  • Aliprantis Prize - award by the Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory (2012)


Matt Elliott’s work, while spanning many different topics, has a common theme running thorough it of networks and markets. In financial markets networked patterns of trade can create systemic risk, in labour markets relationships mediate the spread of information about job opportunities and in rural villages in developing countries, social networks and informal risk sharing helps to replace missing financial markets.

His current research is particularly concerned with the relationships that facilitate trade between producers and their suppliers. A large literature in sociology and economics documents that such trade is frequently embedded within social relationships. This raises important questions about the functioning of such markets, the role relationships play, and possible implications for the economy as a whole.

Other interests


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