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Ms Jenny Bulstrode

History of science

I am a Fellow of Jesus College, carrying out postdoctoral research on climate change in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, with a particular focus on globalisation and fossil capital.

Academic interests

I have broad academic interests, including: 

  • Materials and technique (in particular metal, glass, wood, textiles, rocks)
  • Interdisciplinary collaborations (including: artists, engineers, material scientists)
  • Enclosures, labour organisation, systems of value and extraction
  • Ethnohistorical and perspectivist approaches to metaphysical claims.

Degrees obtained

  • BA, Cantab.
  • MSci, Cantab.

Awards and prizes

  • Sarton Prize for the History of Science, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2018.
  • Singer Prize, British Society for the History of Science, 2014.
  • Angela Dunn-Gardiner Scholarship for performance in Natural Sciences Tripos, Girton College, 2014.
  • Isabella Crawshaw Prize for Natural Sciences, Girton College, 2014. 


My recent appointments include research fellowships at Greenwich National Maritime Museum and the Royal Observatory, respectively considering cultural and technical histories of metal.

I have worked on a number of experimental reconstruction and analysis projects, winning grant funding to lead technical and archival research into glass balance-springs for 19th century precision timepieces, and magnetic instrumentation in the whaling industry, as well as the opportunity to act as technical assistant on the reverse-engineering of bronzes recently attributed to Michelangelo. In 2014, my research into the industrial origins of experimental archaeology won the BSHS Singer prize.

In addition I have previously been employed as researcher for the Arctic Catalogue Project at the Polar Museum (Blogs 1-8), and a survey of early modern optical glass working hosted by the Whipple Museum.

My doctoral research in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science charted the global role of geomagnetic research in the age of reform and Atlantic revolution.  

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Publications, links and resources

  • Bulstrode, J. (forthcoming 2019), ‘The face of a metal and the skin of a bomb’ in Migrants: art, artists, materials and ideas crossing borders, Archetype Publications Ltd.
  • Bulstrode, J. (2019), Cetacean citations and the covenant of iron, Notes and Records of the Royal Society, 73, 167-185.
  • Bulstrode, J. (2018), Riotous assemblage and the materials of regulation, History of Science, Vol. 56, 3, 278-313.
  • Bulstrode, J. (2018), Edward John Dent’s glass springs, archive and technical analysis combined, Antiquarian Horology, 39, 2, 225-243.
  • Bulstrode, J. (2016), Editor and Introduction, A survey of the networks bringing knowledge of optical glass-working to the London trade, 1500-1800, Whipple Museum
  • Bulstrode, J. (2016), The industrial archaeology of deep time, The British Journal for the History of Science, 49, 1, 1-25.

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