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Dr Gregory Conti

Political theory

Gregory Conti is a political theorist and historian of political thought.

Academic interests

My research has addressed a wide array of subjects, among them:

  • The philosophy of toleration and freedom of opinion
  • Systems of representation
  • Deliberative democracy and theories of deliberation more broadly
  • Early modern natural law theory
  • The political philosophy of the Enlightenment
  • The history of utilitarianism
  • Religion and politics
  • Victorian political thought
  • Modern French political philosophy.


I grew up in Ohio and attended college at the University of Chicago. In 2016 I completed my PhD in political science at Harvard University.

Other interests

In my spare time, I travel, read literature, play sports, watch the occasional television show, and try to stay up to date with current events.

Publications, links and resources

  • Conti, G. and Selinger, W. (forthcoming) The Other Side of Representation: The History and Theory of Representative Government in Pierre Rosanvallon. Constellations: An International Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory.
  • Conti, G. (2016) James Fitzjames Stephen, John Stuart Mill, and the Victorian Theory of Toleration. History of European Ideas, 42(3) pp 364-98.
  • Conti, G. (2016) Jean Barbeyrac, Supererogation, and the Search for a Safe Religion. Modern Intellectual History, 13(1) pp 1-31.
  • Conti, G. (2016) What’s Not in On Liberty: The Pacific Theory of Free Discussion in the Early Nineteenth Century. Journal of British Studies, 55(1) pp 57-75.
  • Conti, G. and Welch, C. (2015) The Receptions of Élie Halévy’s Formation du Radicalisme Philosophique in England and France. Modern Intellectual History, 12(1) pp 197-218.
  • Conti, G. and Selinger, W. (2015) Reappraising Walter Bagehot’s Liberalism: Discussion, Public Opinion, and the Meaning of Parliamentary Government. History of European Ideas, 41(2) pp 264-91.
  • Conti, G. (2015) Hume’s Low Road to Toleration. History of Political Thought, 36(1) pp 165-91.
  • Conti, G. (2015) Lockean Toleration and the Victim’s Perspective. European Journal of Political Theory, 14(1) pp 76-97.
  • Conti, G. The Politics of Diversity in Nineteenth Century (dissertation).

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