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Dr Christoph Eigen

Specialising in

Christoph Eigen is a Research Fellow at Jesus College. He is an experimental physicist exploring quantum many-body phenomena in and out of equilibrium.

Academic interests

Christoph Eigen’s research focuses on Bose gases, which at sufficiently low temperatures tend to form Bose-Einstein condensates, where the lowest quantum state is macroscopically occupied by atoms and the wave properties of matter become apparent. He is particularly interested in understanding these gases when they are either far from equilibrium or strongly interacting (or both).

Degrees obtained

  • BSc. in Physics, King’s College London, 2014.
  • MPhil, University of Cambridge, 2015.

Awards and prizes

  • Abdus Salam Prize, Cavendish Laboratory, 2018.

Other interests

Skiing, tennis, opera, and science.

Publications, links and resources

A list of Christoph Eigen’s publications is available on Google Scholar.

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