Dr Antiopi Koronaki

University Positions
Assistant Professor
Specialising in
Design computation and fabrication

Antiopi is an Assistant Professor in Design Computation and Fabrication in the Department of Architecture at the University of Cambridge.

Academic interests

Antiopi Koronaki’s academic interests include: 

  • Architectural design
  • Advanced fabrication
  • Computational design
  • Complex geometry
  • Natural construction materials and biomimetics.

Degrees obtained

  • PhD, University of Bath.
  • MSc (Hons), Architectural Association.
  • March, National Technical University of Athens.

Awards and prizes

  • RIBA International Award for Excellence, Lille Langebro Bridge (2021).
  • Supreme Award for Structural Excellence, Institution of Structural Engineers, Lille Langebro Bridge (2021).
  • Best Pedestrian Bridge, Institution of Structural Engineers, Lille Langebro Bridge (2021).
  • Civic Trust Award, Lille Langebro Bridge (2021).
  • The Wood Awards, Shortlisted, Unfolding pavilion (2021).
  • Dezeen Awards Installation design, Longlisted, Unfolding pavilion (2021).
  • Vice Chancellor’s Award for Online and Remote Engagement, HappyShield (2021).
  • Temporary Structure Award, Surface Design Show, Finalist, Fingers Crossed pavilion.


Antiopi Koronaki’s research interests lie at the intersection of architecture, engineering and materials with a focus on advanced fabrication and computational analysis methods for the design and construction of efficient structures. 

As a researcher in the Centre for Natural Material Innovation she has explored the potential of engineered timber for off-site manufactured schools in the UK. This approach enables the reduction of the environmental impact of the construction industry through the promotion of natural construction materials and modern methods of construction. She holds a PhD from the University of Bath on the optimisation of large-scale, complex structures for construction. Since 2014 she has been heavily involved in teaching at higher education institution internationally and she has led several international workshops focusing on digital fabrication and design computation. She has industry experience working on the bridge team at Wilkinson Eyre and her work has been exhibited widely, including the London Design Festival and London Design Biennale. 

Other interests

Travel, languages, wine.

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Publications, links and resources

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Peer-reviewed conference papers

  • Koronaki, A., Marino, D., Meng, Y., Shah, D.U., Smith, S., Haggart, K., Ramage, M.H., 2022. Modular engineered timber school buildings across scales, in World Congress on Timber Engineering 2023. (Accepted)
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Non-academic publications 

  • Reyes, N., Rodríguez, B., Wiegand, E., Zilic, F., Ramage, M., Bukauskas, A., . . . Ahumada, M. (2021). Achieving zero carbon emissions in the construction sector: The role of timber in decarbonising building structures. Cambridge Open Engage. doi:10.33774/coe-2021-hgd6q-v2
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  • Legends vs Modern Icons, Maximus Film, 2020. Documentary series comparing engineering and construction achievements of the past with those of the present.  https://www.maximusfilm.de/en/content/legends-vs-modern-icons
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