Dr Alexandra Schultz

Specialising in
Greek and Latin literature, intellectual and cultural history

Alexandra Schultz’s research centers around the politics of literature and the history of knowledge in Greco-Roman antiquity.

Academic interests

Alexandra Schultz’s academic interests include: 

  • Greek and Roman libraries
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Greek lyric poetry
  • Imperial Greek and Latin prose
  • The history of alphabetisation
  • Feminist and postcolonial critique
  • Papyrology.

Degrees obtained

  • BA, Brown University.
  • MSt, University of Oxford.
  • PhD, Harvard University.

Awards and prizes

  • Research Scholarship for Young Researchers, Fondation Hardt (postponed to 2022).
  • Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Harvard University 2020-21.
  • Jens Aubrey Westengard Fund for Research and Study, Harvard University 2019, 2021.
  • John J. Winkler Memorial Prize 2020.
  • Merit and Term-time Research Fellowship, Harvard University 2019-20.
  • Harvard Horizons Scholar 2019.
  • Center for Jewish Studies Graduate Summer Research Fellowship, Harvard University 2018, 2019.


Alexandra Schultz is a literary critic and cultural historian of Greco-Roman antiquity. Before coming to Cambridge, she received a BA in Classics and Computer Science from Brown University and an MSt in Greek and Latin Languages and Literature from Christ Church, University of Oxford with funding from a US-UK Fulbright award. She then worked for two years as a software engineer at Microsoft before pursuing her PhD in Classical Philology at Harvard.

Other interests

Painting, cooking, video games, boxing.

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