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I chose Jesus College because it was recommended to me by previous Cambridge students – both those who had attended Jesus and those who had not. It can be hard to escape the bias that inevitably comes from having felt a sense of belonging to an institution, but it was clear that most of the selling points of Jesus were objective rather than subjective.

It has excellent facilities (including, almost uniquely, a full set of sports grounds that are contiguous with the rest of the College), very well appointed postgraduate accommodation (which, unusually, is not geographically separated from the College), high quality food and catering generally, an extremely central location, and an active Middle Combination Room (MCR).

All of these benefits quickly became clear to me after I arrived, but what stuck with me even more so was the welcoming nature of the community here. After the "Freshers' Fortnight" of activities for new postgraduates, I sent a message to the MCR President thanking her and her committee for the sheer degree of dedication that they had demonstrated in organizing events to help the freshers feel at home.

Having arrived knowing not a single other person in the College (and knowing only one person in the entire university), I was very grateful that I so quickly made many friends and had a fun time doing it.

I will really miss being here, even though in my case it has only been for one year. I have enjoyed eating some of the best food in the university at the College dinners, listening to the College's choir in the 12th century chapel, playing tennis and rowing, benefiting from the unusually extensive collection of law books in the library, and relaxing in what is by far the best college café/bar in the university – the Roost. I will look back on my time here extremely fondly.

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