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New film examines the Future of Medicine

A new University of Cambridge film - The Future of Medicine - premiered today, featuring Jesus Fellow Professor Jeremy Baumberg. 

In the film - shot to coincide with the recent launch of the Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences - Professor Baumberg appears alongside other researchers from across the University talking about some of the most exciting developments in medical research, and setting out their vision for the next 50 years.

Professor Baumberg discusses a future in which diagnoses do not have to rely on asking a patient how they are feeling, but rather are carried out by nanomachines that patrol our bodies, looking for and repairing problems. 

Other subjects covered in the film include killer immune cells hunting and destroying cancer cells and biological scissors that cut out defective genes: just some of technologies that Cambridge researchers are developing which are set to revolutionise medicine in the future.

All of these developments will help transform the field of medicine, says Professor Chris Lowe, Director of the Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences, who sees this as an exciting time for medicine. New developments have the potential to transform healthcare “right the way from how you handle the patient to actually delivering the final therapeutic product - and that’s the exciting thing”.

You can read more about future therapeutics in the most recent edition of the University's Research Horizons.



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