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Dr Mark Dyble

Social Organisation

Mark Dyble is an evolutionary anthropologist/biologist Research Fellow at Jesus College specialising in social organisation.

Academic Interests

I am interested in the evolution of both human and non-human social systems and their relationship with reproduction, kinship, cooperation, and conflict. While my work before 2017 focused exclusively on humans, I am now expanding my research to consider mammalian societies more generally (and cooperatively breeding meerkats in particular).

Most of my work to date has been on the social organisation of hunter-gatherer societies and I have conducted ethnographic fieldwork with the Agta, a community of coastal and riverine hunter-gatherers from northern Luzon, Philippines. As well as empirical fieldwork, I do computational modelling and theoretical work. 

Degrees Obtained

  • BA, Cantab
  • MSc, Oxon
  • PhD, University College London

Other Interests

Athletics - track and field, football and travel.

Publications, links and resources

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