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Forthcoming events

The Intellectual Forum runs a diverse programme of events across the year, so please check back regularly and sign up for our mailing list.

We have the following scheduled events:

Cambridge Station- Its Development and Operation as a Rail Centre

11 January 2018, Frankopan Hall, tickets via request via email.

This reception, illustrated lecture and discussion marks the launch of a new definitive illustrated book by Rob Shorland-Ball about Cambridge Station which explores the opening of the station in 1845; the four principal railway companies which all worked to and from the station in a 'tangle of mutual inconvenience’; the extensive goods traffic which was handled in the several goods yards around the station; and the way the Station operated from early beginnings, to what Abellio Greater Anglia and Network Rail have achieved today. The book contains several pictures never before published, notably 19th century plans from Jesus College Archives. It shows how the Eastern Counties and then the Great Eastern Railway Companies created Cambridge Station and the Engine Sheds, Goods Yards, Signal Boxes and extensive sidings to serve East Anglia. And the book tells people stories too, because the author worked on the station in the 1950s and 1960s and knows Cambridge and East Anglia well. He is a geographer and writes with knowledge, wisdom and humour.

For more details see the advertisement here.

Yidan Prize Conference 2018: Educating for the Future

29-30 January 2018, Frankopan Hall, tickets via Eventbrite.

Global economic and social challenges require countries to have increasingly educated and skilled populations. To achieve this, we need forward looking education systems that can adapt to change, as well as a professional body of evidence-informed teachers and practitioners.

This year has seen the inaugural award of the Yidan Prize, the world's largest prize in Education. To mark and discuss the achievements of the Laureates, Prof Carol S. Dweck and Vicky Colbert, we bring together leading figures from the worlds of education research, education practice, psychology and international development to debate what high quality education looks like and how we might bring it about for all children globally. For this two-day gala conference, we welcome those with an interest in education in all its forms, from practitioners to academics to policy makers to philanthropists.

We are delighted that we will be hearing from Charles Chen Yidan, Founder of Tencent and the Yidan Prize Foundation, as well as having a keynote talk from Vicky Colbert of the Escuela Nueva project. We will also hear from Prof Carol Dweck of Stanford University.

Other confirmed speakers include: Professor Dame Alison Peacock DBE, DL, FRSA; Rae Snape, Head Teacher, the Spinney Primary School, Cambridge; Professor Rebecca Allen, Director of the Centre for Education Improvement Science, Insitute of Education, UCL; David Laws, former Education Minister and Director of the Education Policy Institute; Charles Cotton, Founder and Chairman of Cambridge Phenomenon International Ltd; Lucy Lake, CAMFED; Professor Anna Vignoles, University of Cambridge; Professor Pauline Rose, University of Cambridge; and Professor Usha Goswami, University of Cambridge, amongst others.

An Evening with Professor Jimmy Choo: Dialogue on the Belt and Road Creative Cultural Industry

1 February 2018, Frankopan Hall, tickets via Eventbrite.

We are pleased to host with the Cambridge Oriental Culture Association (COCA), with the kind sponsorship of the Hoii Ltd, Professor Datuk Jimmy Choo OBE, the world-famous fashion designer. Professor Choo’s beautiful creations have adorned the feet of royalty, celebrities, and pop stars, and since establishing his couture label in 1986, he has been the recipient of many awards and honours. Professor Choo has worked with students the world over and remains a dedicated mentor for many in fashion and design. We welcome those with prebooked tickets to join us in our new Frankopan Hall, with doors opening from 17:30.

Rustat Conference on Recruitment, Retention, and Diversity

15 March 2018, West Court, Jesus College, Cambridge, attendance by invitation only.

Highly skilled staff are a crucial element of most companies and organisations. Recruiting the right person is a difficult, time-consuming, and expensive task. However, many organisations fail to recruit sufficiently widely, missing out in particular on women, people from ethnic minorities, or people with disabilities. Having recruited people, it is very beneficial to be able to retain them – retraining people is very disruptive. However, again many organisations struggle to be able to retain all the staff they would like to keep. Also, the nature of work is changing. This conference explores how to find, attract, and keep the best people in light of changing work patterns and places, as well as careers. We bring together experts from a range of backgrounds to discuss how we can reconfigure recruitment, retention, and the career “pipeline”, making sure in the future people can find the places best able to support them.

Rustat Conference on Intergenerationality: how can we bridge generational divides?

20-21 June 2018, West Court, Jesus College, Cambridge, attendance by invitation only.

For the first time, the 2017 General Election revealed that age was a stronger determinant of voting patterns than class. In the EU Referendum, polling shows young voters overwhelmingly supported Remain while older people backed Brexit. The data suggests a widening gap between generations, not only politically but also socially and economically. How will this impact our society in the years ahead? To what extent can we reduce divides through changes in housing, institutions and technology? Does it make sense to lump people together in generational groups anyway? This Rustat conference will draw together experts from a wide range of ages and backgrounds to explore how generations and individuals can work together.


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