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Forthcoming events

The Intellectual Forum runs a diverse programme of events across the year, so please check back regularly and sign up for our mailing list.

We have the following scheduled events upcoming:

"Extreme Climates: Ice and Environmental Change" for the Festival of Ideas 2018

19:30 on 23 October 2018, West Court, Jesus College, Cambridge, tickets available here on 24 September at 11am.

For the 2018 Festival of Ideas, Professor Julian Dowdeswell, Director of the Scott Polar Research Institute, joins us at the Intellectual Forum, Jesus College to discuss ice and environmental change. Both ice sheets and sea ice are changing rapidly in the polar regions. The Arctic is widely regarded as the most sensitive part of the global climate system. This talk will explore the nature of polar ice, the climate changes which we are experiencing and how these changes are likely to affect issues such as global sea-level over the coming century.

Influenza - 1918/19 and Now

18:00 on 26 October 2018, Frankopan Hall, West Court, Jesus College, Cambridge, tickets available here.

A century ago, as the First World War was finishing, influenza swept across the world. About a third of the entire world population was infected, with some 50-100 million deaths attributed to it. How and why was this version of the flu so deadly? How good are we at understanding flu pandemics now, and can we be at all sure that the same thing couldn’t happen again?

Join us for a fascinating discussion, featuring authors Catharine Arnold (Pandemic 1918: The Story of the Deadliest Influenza in History), and Laura Spinney (Pale Rider: The Spanish Flu of 1918 and How It Changed the World), together with Jesus virologist David Pattinson.

What Should Children Learn?

12:15 on 1 November 2018, Frankopan Hall, West Court, Jesus College, Cambridge, tickets available here.

The importance to the next generation of high quality education is undisputed. But what is the real substance of education? On what principles should a good curriculum be determined for a nation? How can a values-based approach underpin a good curriculum in school chains and trusts? And how can we ensure the best curriculum for all pupils in practice within a school?

With direct relevance to all stakeholders within our education system at primary and secondary levels, this Education Conference hosted by the Jesus College Intellectual Forum seeks to address these essential questions and to suggest practical next steps for implementation.

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