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I have always found the subject of Medicine to be one of the most fascinating. However, studying it at Cambridge has opened my eyes to its true beauty. From getting to know fellow students during full body dissections to meeting world famous scientists explaining the context of their work in supervisions, Cambridge encourages a true passion to flourish. It embraces the theoretical basis of medicine and intertwines it with an appreciation of patient experience. It makes you more than a scientist, giving you an awareness of all the facets a good doctor must have. It is honestly one of the greatest courses in the world. 

Moreover, I am truly fortunate to study at what is probably (read: definitely) the best College in Cambridge: Jesus. Being in an environment with such rich academic history is one thing, but the legitimate niceness of the professors and students alike defines us. Camaraderie is shown in spades, and you'd be hard pressed not to find a group of people you feel you couldn't live without by the end of first year. Putting aside the renowned choir, the vast sporting opportunity, and the exquisite musical talent, it is the sense of community here that sets us apart.

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