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Medicine at Cambridge is all about learning the underlying science in the first three pre clinical years before moving to the clinical side. To me this was the reason why I really wanted to go to Cambridge as I have a huge curiosity for human biology. Despite this there is plenty of opportunity to see the clinical side with the 'Preparing for Patients' course, and through optional clinical sessions held by the upper year Jesus clinical medics.

Jesus is an amazing environment in itself. Not only is it such a beautiful place but the diverse and friendly population of the College helps you immediately fit in. The College also has a very active MedVet Society that holds multiple fun events throughout the year, as well as organising the mentoring scheme where a group of second years regularly meet with the freshers to guide and advise them. This is one of Jesus’ strengths as it provides yet another level of support from people who have already recently experienced the difficulties associated with starting university and first year life.

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