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Phone number: +44 (0)1223 747321


Dr Sarah Jelbert

Postdoctoral Associate
Postdoctoral Associate
Animal behaviour

Sarah Jelbert is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Psychology, studying the cognitive abilities of animals. Her research focusses on corvids - crows, jays, and their kin - particularly the tool-making New Caledonian crow.

Academic interests

Sarah Jelbert's academic interests include:

  • Animal tool use
  • Animal cognition
  • Evolution of cognition
  • Corvids.

Degrees obtained

  • BA (Oxon.).
  • MSc (St Andrews).
  • PhD (Auckland).

Awards and prizes

  • Placed on the Dean's list for Excellence (PhD thesis, University of Auckland, 2016)


Sarah Jelbert’s research explores cognition in non human animals. Her research focusses on the cognitive abilities of tool-making New Caledonian crows, and their relatives in the corvid family.

She has a PhD in comparative cognition from the University of Auckland, and an MSc in Evolutionary and Comparative Psychology from the University of St Andrews. Her research is conducted in the field in New Caledonia and at the sub department of Animal Behaviour in Madingley. 

Other interests

Hiking, camping, kayaking.

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