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Dr Brechtje Post

Fellow, Admissions Tutor, Director of Studies in Linguistics
Reader in Experimental Phonology
language psychology

Brechtje Post is a Reader in Experimental Phonology.

Academic interests

Brechtje Post's academic interests include:

  • Phonetics and phonology
  • Prosody and intonation
  • Acquisition of prosody
  • Cognitive and neural processing of speech prosody.

Degrees obtained

  • MA in French Literature and Linguistics.
  • MA in English Literature and Linguistics.
  • PhD in Linguistics.


Brechtje's research centres on how linguistic systems exploit speech sounds to convey different types of meaning. Her focus is primarily on prosody: intonation, accentuation, rhythm, and phrasing.

Drawing on a variety of disciplines (phonetics, phonology, psycholinguistics, cognitive neuroscience, and computational linguistics), this research addresses questions like:

  • How do prosodic structures differ cross-linguistically, and how do linguistic systems constrain prosodic structure?
  • What cross-linguistic variation can we expect to observe in the phonetic realisation of prosodic structure?
  • What are the neural and cognitive underpinnings of prosody?
  • How do children acquire the relevant mappings between phonetics, phonology, and other parts of the linguistic system that are at play?
  • What role does prosody play in language learning in early and late bilinguals?

Current research includes an international collaboration investigating the acquisition of timing in child speech (British Academy/Leverhulme), the English Profile Pronunciation Project with Cambridge ESOL, Empirical Foundations of Linguistics (Agence Nationale de la Recherche), and Neural Correlates of Intonation (Cambridge Humanities Research Grant).

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