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Jian Chen

Jesus College is charming and friendly. The College is located in the city centre, literally close to everything (supermarkets, restaurants, are all within walking distance), but at the same time off the tourist route, which offers students a peaceful environment to live and study. Besides, Jesus has one of the largest grounds of all Colleges as well as great sports facilities. Moreover, our new West Court will undoubtedly further strengthen College life for students both academically and socially, making Jesus one of the best Colleges in Cambridge in all aspects.

One of the advantages is that it can offer graduate student accommodation for three years of study, which provides an ideal place for graduates to focus on their research without worrying about housing at all. What's more, the College continuously has a strong academic record and outstanding Fellows, especially in science and engineering subjects, offering great support and feedback for College students. Jesus also offers generous financial support, making it possible for PhD students to attend international conferences on a yearly basis.

I have absolutely loved my time at Jesus. As one of the very few students who joined in January, I never felt lonely but rather welcomed by the friendly staff and the graduate society (MCR) committee. Jesus has so much to offer students academically, socially, and culturally, fostering a strong community feel in College.

There are plenty of social and intellectual events offered in the College. For instance, formal dinners are a great way to interact and learn about other brilliant students' work in various subjects. Having benefited from others, I decided to give back to the community by serving as an MCR committee member, which not only allowed me to know more about the College and make a difference to College life but also gave me an opportunity to interact with more students from all over the world across disciplines. This has become one of my best memories at Jesus.

In addition, the College listens to students' opinions and makes sure students are well informed about what's going on in the College. Besides the great support from College staff, Jesus also has a warm and relaxed environment, making life here pleasant and fruitful. No matter whether you like playing tennis or squash, walking on the College grounds, playing music in the music rooms, participating in College events, or exchanging ideas with Fellows, one can always find activities you are interested in at Jesus.

If I were to apply again, I would still choose Jesus College. I am very proud of being a Jesuan, and I would wholeheartedly recommend future students to choose Jesus College as your experience will only get better owing to the consistent improvements of College facilities. My life at Jesus with no doubt is a crucial part of my Cambridge experience, and will surely become a precious memory in my life.

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