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Bernardo Sarmiento Hinojosa

Throughout my time at Cambridge, Jesus has definitely been a home away from home. I can’t imagine a friendlier and more welcoming community for graduate students! Most Jesus grads live around College, which is very rare. This close proximity means that there is a tight knit intellectual and social community.

I have made many fantastic friends at Jesus, in great part due to our very active graduate society or MCR. The MCR organises events throughout the academic year, ranging from sports to parties. Jesus also hosts weekly dinners just for graduate students. Not only have I made lifelong friends at these dinners, but have also been able to learn about academic fields far removed from my own. There’s few things as exciting as eating a delicious meal sitting between a nuclear physicist and an anthropologist!

Jesus has been a fantastic place for me to grow as a student and as a fledgling scholar, surrounded by an incredibly supportive community of academics, staff members, and fellow students.

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