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In my honest opinion Jesus College is the best College in Cambridge! There is a large group of postgraduate students here that form a very active and welcoming Middle Combination Room (MCR) that enables you to meet other like minded people and connect with the great diversity of research that goes on in the College and the wider University.

Jesus College is very centrally located, has lots of graduate accommodation and is the only central College with its sporting facilities right on site! It is also just a little bit out of the way so you don’t have all the tourists traipsing through, but are in easy reach of town, the river, and everything Cambridge has to offer.

Being part of a College is a unique experience and is whatever you make of it! It gives you the opportunity to engage with other activities and people outside your faculty, helps support you through what can feel like the lonely times of a PhD, and gives you something else to focus on when work might not be progressing as quickly as you want.

There are so many different opportunities that you can get involved in whatever your interests are. Since joining Jesus College I have learnt to row and made the College first boat, played hockey, supervised first year undergraduates, presented a poster at the annual Graduate Conference, spoken to many of the Fellows attached to the College, and been on the MCR as Secretary and President, which involves helping to arrange activities for the graduate students.

Would I recommend you apply? Yes definitely!

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