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This is my second time in Cambridge (last time in another College), so this time I knew what I was getting into. The College issue can get very confusing when you are applying for the first time, especially for someone coming from abroad, with a completely different university system. However, being here, you realize that your College choice can really shape your whole experience as a Cambridge student. I decided to apply to Jesus because some of my close friends were members of the College and I knew from their experience that this was a very good choice. I have to say that the College exceeded my expectations!

The general atmosphere at Jesus is very welcoming and friendly. Since day one, everyone has been willing to help in any way they can to make my time at Cambridge a once in a lifetime experience. The College is also particularly family friendly, which for me as a mature student is key; we have access to family accommodation of a very high standard and my husband has had the chance to enjoy the infrastructure and social life at the College too.

College life is vibrant and there is always a lot going on. Jesus has a very close relationship with the arts, which I've particularly enjoyed. In every hidden corner of the College you can discover interesting pieces of art or sculpture, and the calendar during term time is always full with art festivals and concerts.

The fact that all the accommodation owned by the College is no more than a couple of blocks away invites you to use its spaces intensively. The College is huge and it is going under a major renovation work at the moment, so people applying now will be able to enjoy a bright new MCR, bar, cafeteria, conference centre, and accommodation.

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