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The Natural Sciences course is perfect for anybody with a broad interest in science, allowing you to initially take very different combinations of courses before specialising later. I think the fairly wide background in biological sciences I have gained is really important for putting my current research into context.

Cambridge is simply a brilliant place to be a biochemist – it’s an amazing feeling to know that many of the seminal discoveries discussed in lectures were made right here, not least Watson and Crick’s famous determination of the structure of DNA. There is plenty of fascinating research going on across the departments, and my Part II and III research projects have provided the opportunity to contribute towards some of this. The experience of working in two different research groups is very valuable and rewarding, and I think it has set me up very well for going to Manchester next year to start a PhD.

Outside the course, there are often opportunities to attend talks by Nobel Prize winners or other distinguished researchers, providing even more opportunity to learn about a variety of contemporary scientific research.

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to choose Jesus College. In terms of my course, I’ve always found the College strikes a great balance of being supportive, but not overbearing. More generally, the wide variety of activities going on within the College, particularly sports such as basketball and football for me, means it is easy to develop a good balance between work and relaxation.

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