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I arrived at Cambridge, having applied for BSc courses elsewhere, with the preconceived idea that I was a 'Physical Geographer'. Whilst my dissertation and the majority of my third year module choices are actually physical based, studying human geography alongside this has been invaluable in helping me to develop as a critical Geographer (and surprisingly enjoyable!)

My dissertation looks at the relationship between volcanic ash and vegetation. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel with a research group (which included academics from Cambridge, Edinburgh, and St Andrews) to carry out my fieldwork in Iceland. It was a really great experience to be part of a wider project and gain an understanding of how research happens in the real world. Since collecting my data, I have been analysing and writing it up - I've really enjoyed the feeling of having such an ownership over a piece of research and work!

Jesus College admits around five Geographers in every year. This results in a small yet cohesive group, who, despite doing the same work in first year, may all have developed very different interests by their final year. The links across all three years are strong – it is always helpful and reassuring to be able to talk to somebody who has been in your situation before.

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