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After attending the Headstart broad based engineering course at Jesus College in Year 12, I chose to study Engineering at Cambridge as the course offered me the opportunity to acquire an understanding of all branches of Engineering prior to specialisation. Work experience undertaken before starting university had highlighted to me that modern industries are becoming ever more reliant upon multidisciplinary groups and the versatility of the course at Cambridge would provide me with the skills that I would need in my future career.

Throughout my degree the work undertaken was both fascinating and challenging but it was the supervision system that stimulated me the most. I relished the opportunity to discuss my solutions with an academic tutor who extended the questions to deepen my understanding of the subject. I chose to specialise in electrical and electronic engineering but, due to the flexibility of the course at Cambridge, I was also able to continue learning about materials and their properties throughout the four years.

College provided many extracurricular opportunities and I became involved in organising the Jesus May Ball as its President. Although it was hard work, it was a fantastic experience which allowed me to work alongside College staff and fellow students. I am currently employed by an engineering design consultancy firm but I enjoyed my time at Jesus College so much that I am returning in October to start a PhD developing new power semiconductor device architectures in silicon.

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