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Cafeteria dinner menu

The menu for the week Monday 19th - Sunday 25th June




Item Price Allergens Health
No caff dinner due to the May Ball  


Item Price Allergens Health
Soup: Minestrone with Orecchiette Pasta 84p    
Main: Pork Loin Steaks with Bok Choi, Soy and Ginger Sauce  £2.30  
Vegetarian: Quorn and Butternut Squash Casserole £2.04  
Daily Deal: Turkey Escalope Saltimbocca £1.63  
Vegetables: Mushroom and Pea Fried Rice 71p    
Vegetables: Stir Fried Vegetables 71p    
Vegetables: Broccoli and Sesame Seeds 71p    
Sweet: Steamed Syrup Sponge 89p    
Sweet topping: Custard 39p    
Large salad £1.43    


Item Price Allergens Health
Soup: Smokey Mexican Bean with Quinoa 84p    
Main: Cottage Pie with Mature Cheddar Mash £2.30  
Vegetarian: Aubergine and Paneer Masala with Coriander Rice and Naan Bread £2.04  
Vegetables: Baked New Potatoes 71p    
Vegetables: Steamed Spring Greens 71p    
Vegetables: Roasted Carrots 71p    
Sweet: Chocolate and Cherry Tiramisu 89p    
Large salad £1.43    


Item Price Allergens Health
Soup: Coconut and Squash Curry 84p    
Main: Chicken, Broccoli and Cherry Tomato Penne Pasta Bake £2.30  
Vegetarian: Spinach, Mushroom and Feta Cheese Tart with Rocket Pesto £2.04  
Daily Deal: Tarka Dal with Steamed Rice £1.63  
Vegetables: Tartiflette 71p    
Vegetables: Broccoli with Red Onion 71p    
Vegetables: Roasted Peppers 71p    
Sweet: Banoffee Pies 89p    
Large salad £1.43    


Item Price Allergens Health
Soup: Courgette, Fennel and Watercress 84p    
Main: Greek Keftedes with Basmati Rice and Tzatziki  £2.30  
Vegetarian: Veggie Pastitsio with Mediterranean Vegetables and Feta Cheese £2.04  
Daily Deal: Chicken Satay Skewers £1.63  
Vegetables: Sweet Potato Fries 71p    
Vegetables: Spiced Chickpeas and Aubergine 71p    
Vegetables: Mixed Courgettes 71p    
Sweet: Pecan and Cranberry Sponge Puddings 89p    
Large salad £1.43    

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