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John Leodius Bullough, Lieutenant, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders

John Leodius Bullough, came up to Cambridge from Harrow School, in October 1912.

Born: Haslingden, Lancashire on 14 June 1893

Fell in action: 25 September 1915

J.L. BulloughUnfortunately the Jesus College Cambridge Society Annual Report does not provide an obituary for Bullough. This is somewhat surprising as he was a prominent member of the Jesus College Boat Club. In the chaos of the Battle of Loos many men were reported missing for extended periods before their deaths were presumed and this uncertainty may account for this lack.

Although he was obviously not one of the very best rowers, he rowed in the first boat on two occasions, Lent 1913 and May 1914, rowing in the third boat on other occasions.

In Lent 1913, he weighed in at 12st 8lbs and was at No. 4 in the boat. In the May Races 1914 he rowed at No. 6 as the crew went on to be Head of the River. He also went on to row at the Henley Regatta in The Grand, though not very successfully as the crew lost in the first round.

The College held a Head of the River Bump Supper on Saturday 13 June 1914 and the menu card reveals that Bullough was not only rowing for the first boat but was also coaching the third boat.

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