Image of Jesus College war memorial

Graham John Early Graham-Montgomery, Captain, Hampshire Regiment

​Graham John Early Graham-Montgomery came up to Jesus College in October 1912 having attended Sherborne School in Dorset and received some private tuition.

Born: 18 June 1894

Fell in action: 24 April 1917

He attended the Special Congregation held on 16 July 1915, granted to men who had completed at least six months of military service, and was admitted to the BA degree. He had taken papers in Theology and Law in 1913 and 1914 before joining up.

Unfortunately there is no other personal information on Graham-Montgomery. Although he is in The War List of the Cambridge University and is commemorated on the College memorial there is no mention of him in the student magazine Chanticlere nor is there an obituary for him in the Jesus College Cambridge Society Annual Report.

He was, however, fortunate to arrive in College at the same time as some electrical improvements. The editorial in the first Chanticlere Graham-Montgomery is likely to have read, marvels at the miracle of instant light: “we find it decidedly pleasant to be able to manipulate a convenient switch by the door, and flood our rooms with an immediate and benign effulgence” (Michaelmas Term, 1912, p2).

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission provides us with the place of Graham-Montgomery’s death which was Greece or Macedonia as he appears on the Doiran Memorial in northern Greece.

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