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Postgraduate Freshers' Fortnight

30 September 2019 - 13 October 2019
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Jesus College, Cambridge CB5 8BL

We welcome new postgraduate students with a fortnight of freshers’ events organised by current postgraduate students.

Events include a historical tour of College, a second-hand gown sale, a punting tour, a treasure hunt around Cambridge, an international film evening, a ballroom and latin dance taster, meals out and wine tasting!

As part of Freshers' Fortnight there is an induction programme involving tea and cakes with Fellows and College Contacts, and a welcome event hosted by the Graduate Tutor in the Frankopan Hall. This will include a series of short presentations by key members of the postgraduate support team in College, for example, a Welfare Tutor, the Head Porter, Dean of Chapel, Graduate Administrator, Dean of College and the MCR President. Later the same evening, Induction Hall is followed by three-minute thesis presentations by the Fellows - always entertaining!

Details can be found on the MCR's website, run by the postgraduate community within Jesus College, and the Postgraduate Freshers' Information page on JNet (access for College members only).


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