Image of An aerial shot of a power station, with smoke drifting from its chimneys, next to streets with shops and houses.

Pollution and house prices: Year 12 Geography taster session

21 July 2021 15.00
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As the world confronts the climate crisis, will increased pollution levels in cities mean lower house prices?

In this taster session, first-year Geography student Bella will talk us through on her coursework on the link between public perceptions of air quality and house prices. She’ll focus on skills such as how to critically read academic papers, referencing and writing academic essays, choosing appropriate methods, analyzing potential link and trends, and presenting your conclusions.

This taster session is for Year 12 students, from UK state schools, who will be applying to university in the next academic year (2021-22). It's ideal for students looking to apply for Geography courses at highly selective universities. We'll give priority to students from our link areas in Tyne and Wear, Brent, Ealing, Westminster and Peterborough, but we hope to be able to accommodate everyone who applies.

To register for the taster session, please click the button below and fill out our registration form.