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Image of quasicrystal

Imaging in four dimensions

7 November 2020 19.30
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Frankopan Hall, West Court, Jesus College

Join researchers from the Cavendish Laboratory for an evening exploring crystal tilings and forbidden crystal symmetries. See how we use the coldest matter in the universe to simulate real materials, join in with activities exploring the limitations of material structures, and learn how breaking symmetry rules gives us access to the mathematics of higher dimensions. Finally, play our new game to take your own walk through four dimensions.

The workshop will be led by Dr Tiffany Harte. Tiffany completed her PhD at the University of Oxford, working in Chris Foot’s ultracold quantum matter group to develop methods for confining atoms using a combination of static magnetic fields and radio-frequency radiation. While at Oxford, she also became interested in undergraduate teaching, and tutored the third year Quantum, Atomic and Molecular Physics course at St Peter’s and St Catherine’s colleges, before becoming a stipendiary lecturer and first-year tutor at St Peter’s College.

On completing her PhD, Tiffany moved to Cambridge to join the Many-Body Quantum Dynamics group led by Ulrich Schneider. She is currently working on a new experiment which aims to confine ultracold atoms in complex lattice structures created using laser beams and will image the resulting system with single-atom precision. This work will provide the precisely tuneable environment that will allow us to create a quantum simulator for condensed matter systems.

Please note that this event is intended for ages 14+. 

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